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Types of Keyless Door Locks and Options.

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Finding the Right Keyless Door Locks

Keyless door locks are continuously growing in popularity for the heightened security they offer. To find the best keyless lock for your specific needs, it will be necessary to understand the different categories and styles you can choose from and learn about each option’s advantages and disadvantages.

Keyless Lock Categories

Keyless locks can be organized into four categories:

  • Mechanical Keyless Locks—these locks generally require passcodes but allow entry without the aid of electricity. Hence, this type of lock is best utilized in places where using electricity is not feasible or in cases in which multiple access codes are not a necessity. This type of lock is also good for outdoor use, given that the lock is made of durable, weather-resistant material such as stainless steel.
  • Electronic Keyless Locks—these devices require electricity to function and generally use AA batteries as their source. Electronic keyless locks may include simple push buttons, complicated passcodes, and even scanners. Electronic locks can be used both at home and in business establishments.
  • Biometric Lock—biometric locks come with scanners to identify fingerprint or retinas before allowing or denying access. Simple biometric locks run on batteries while complex ones can be connected to computer servers for data storage and management. Simple biometric locks can be used for homes while complex ones are more suitable for bigger companies.
  • Remote Lock—this keyless door lock comes with a fob, similar to what you typically use to unlock a car from a distance. Most remote keyless locks also include keypads, providing two forms of access. One thing to be note about remote keyless entry lock is that there is a chance that you might lose the fob and become a threat to your home or office security.

Style Options for Keyless Door Locks

Lock styles generally refer to how the lock works and the system that secures them in place. There are a number of keyless lock styles today, but the ones frequently being used are the following:

  • Deadbolt—with this lock style, you will have to manually turn the knob or handle to lock or unlock the door. This style is often seen on the inside part of keyless door locks.
  • Electronic Deadbolt—similar to the regular deadbolt lock, this requires you to open the door manually. However, since it is electronic, opening the door will instead require you to enter the passcode or have your fingerprint or retina scanned.
  • Single-sided Lock—this lock style requires access codes only from the outside part of the door. From the inside, the door can be opened by simply turning the knob or the handle. This is perhaps the most popular style for keyless entry locks today.
  • Double-sided Lock—this style is generally used by companies to further increase security. As its name suggests, a double-sided lock requires access codes or fingerprint/retina scan both from the inside and outside of the door. This ensures that only members of the company or guests accompanied by authorized personnel are able to enter or leave the establishment.

Before you purchase keyless door locks, it is vital to thoroughly consider your choices—the locks’ features, uses, and prices—and where the locks will be used. Doing so will help you decide which type of keyless entry lock will accurately provide your desired level of security.

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