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What is the difference between Fail Safe and Fail Secure electric locks?

Posted on December 25, 2014 by Keyless Access Locks There have been 0 comments

Failsafe – Locked when energized; Failsecure – Unlocked when energized.
Failsafe locks and strikes require power to lock. When power is interrupted by an access control or power outage the door will unlock. Failsafe locks are often used for life safety applications such as the access control of perimeter fire rated exit doors and high rise building stairwell doors where the locks are automatically released by a signal from the building fire life safety command center during an emergency or building power outage. When used on interior doors that do not require connection to the life safety command center, battery back-up power supplies may be used to provide continuous power to electric locks and strikes during a power outage.

Failsafe strikes are not permitted for use on fire rated doors because these doors must stay latched even when unlocked to maintain fire door integrity. A failsafe strike is incapable of keeping a fire rated door latched when unlocked, thereby permitting smoke, gases or flame to travel through the opening during an emergency.

Failsecure locks and strikes require power to unlock. When energized by use of an access control the door unlocks. The door will lock or stay locked during a building power outage. A battery back-up power supply may be provided to ensure continued operation during loss of building power. Typically used for high security applications failsecure locks are not permitted on fire rated doors because they do not unlock during an emergency or power loss.

Failsecure electric strikes may be used on most fire rated doors equipped with mechanical locksets that are not locked on the interior, ensuring free egress at all times. However, failsecure electric strikes may not be used on fire rated stairwell doors or any fire rated door that is considered a 2-way exit during emergencies.

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